The Practitioner

The Practitioner


Voodoo, means "spirit," and may be one of the world's oldest practices for honoring nature and traditions. People celebrating voodoo ceremonies believe that disembodied spirits, called "Loa," are sometimes loving and good, while others are demonic. Haitians believe that the Loa most often express their displeasure by making people sick. To prevent this, Haitian ceremonies "feed" the life energy of a sacrificed animal back to the Loa. Some spirits then communicate prophecies, advice, or warnings to a believer. The Practitioner may be a long deceased houngan or mambo—priest or priestess of a past voodoo ceremony.

Color: Grey
SKU: 0015

    Each Specter in Repose creation is from the artist's mind, beginning with an anatomically correct skull as a canvas. Each detail is hand sculpted with high quality latex. The eyeballs are individually crafted. All color and texture is uniquely designed for this piece and applied. A final sealant is added to protect the artistic elements.

    Since every sculpture is hand made, small details may differ in each rendition.

    All feathers in this piece are real. Feathers may differ based on availability but are the artist's choice of the best feathers available to complete the sculpture. Feathers will be similar to those shown in the pictures, but might have different details.