Rotten Ronnie

Rotten Ronnie


Rotten Ronnie pays tribute to the surf culture of Northern California’s wild, cold beaches, hard weather and white sharks. From Ocean Beach to Fort Point to Mavericks’ big waves and Moss Landing’s rip tides, he lives in the hellscape graffitied walls of the great surf spots.


Rotten Ronnie is the first in a series that is named "Neon Nights 1986".



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    Each Specter in Repose creation is from the artist's mind, beginning with an anatomically correct skull as a canvas. Each detail is hand sculpted with high quality latex. The eyeballs are individually crafted. All color and texture is uniquely designed for this piece and applied. A final sealant is added to protect the artistic elements.


    Since every sculpture is hand made, small details may differ in each rendition.