Mr. Grizzles

Mr. Grizzles


We don't know who Mr. Grizzles was, but the left side of his face has decayed. The undead right side sees its body turning on itself and shows the horror of waiting for the remaining side to turn. This sculpture is an intriguing way to look at the undead envisioning the inevitable.

Color: Light Grey
SKU: 0017

    Each Specter in Repose creation is from the artist's mind, beginning with an anatomically correct skull as a canvas. Each detail is hand sculpted with high quality latex. The eyeballs are individually crafted. All color and texture is uniquely designed for this piece and applied. A final sealant is added to protect the artistic elements.

    Since every sculpture is hand made, small details may differ in each rendition.

    Product Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 8.5 inches